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Mehul Khandhar

I am a professional Wedding and Portrait photographer. I am been working as a photographer for the past 6 years. 

In the midst of my formal education, I developed my photography skills by undertaking a photography course at the ‘Photography Studies Collage’ in Melbourne and worked with other photographers to gain some practical experience required in the industry.

On finishing the first year of photography studies in Melbourne; I started with portrait photography of couples, children and families, and soon after, I got his first independent wedding assignment.

Out of sheer nervousness, 5741, was the total number of images that I took at my first three-day wedding assignment. This and many such experiences have helped me be a better Photographer. After undertaking numerous wedding assignments, be rest assured that the number of images taken have reduced significantly, however, the quality of the images is intact.

~ Mehul Khandhar